Through a range of educational programs and workshops, Community Engagement Services helps youth gain the skills and resources to help themselves or someone else in a crisis or difficult situation.


Piece of Mind Workshops build awareness of social, emotional, and mental health issues that are common in the lives of young people and give practical considerations on maintaining or creating overall wellness and tips for reaching out and finding support when life’s challenges begin to surface. Workshops are delivered in high school classrooms by professionally trained volunteers. Each workshop focuses on a key topic and is targeted to a particular age group.


Organized in partnership with selected high schools, Stepping Out offers a unique training opportunity for Grade 11 and 12 students to deliver workshops to Grade 6 and 7 students. Secondary students undergo intensive training and gain presentation experience as well as internalizing the content of five workshops: friendship, diversity and peer pressure, bullying and assertiveness, stress management and coping, community resources (includes high school trainers).  Benefits to the student include added exposure, knowledge, skills, practical experience, community engagement and confidence. As an additional benefit, many students volunteer with Chimo after graduation and some even join our staff team.

Elementary school students are much more receptive to learning these important messages from older students than they are from adults. It is an extremely positive experience for the all the students involved.

For more information, please contact Community Engagement Program Coordinator, Clay Tang, at 604-270-4435 ext 4 or ctang@chimoservices.com.