Providing Crisis Line Services for 48yrs

With Professionally Trained Volunteers

Let's continue for another 50 yrs!


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  • Newcomers
    We provide information and support services for individuals and families. Our professional advocates can help you in various areas.
  • Counselling
    Counselling, Programs & Services for Youth, Children, Women and Adults.
  • Nova House
    Nova House provides safe shelter, information, emotional support, practical assistance, education, and advocacy for women and their children who are fleeing violence at home.
  • Crisis Line
    Free, confidential and non-judgmental emotional support provided 8:00am to midnight, seven days a week, by our professionally trained volunteers....
  • Community Engagement
    Interactive workshops on a variety of important topics delivered to classes within the Richmond School District.
  • Outreach & Advocacy
    Responds to a range of issues including immigration, income assistance, pensions, housing, disabilities, mental health and family violence.  Provides support, information and connection to community resources.
Want to volunteer? Join us and help your community!
Chimo is made up of people just like you: people who are looking for a way to give back to their community while developing valuable skills in their personal and professional lives. Our excellent training and individual support will ensure that your time at Chimo is rewarding. 

No specific experience is required to take part in any of our unique programs. We provide comprehensive training to prepare you for the volunteer role that you choose.

what is "chimo"?
Chimo is a friendly way of greeting someone in Inuktitut. The word ‘Chimo’ is believed to mean a special friend for people in need of someone to talk to. It is said that when the Inuit people would greet each other with the word ‘Chimo’ they would simultaneously circle their hearts with their left hands.

Created in Richmond, British Columbia in 1973, Chimo Community Services now serves over 10,000 individuals and families each year from different cultural backgrounds, age groups, family lifestyles, and economic situations. Chimo provides diverse services from community building to prevention, from individual crisis support to advocacy, and from peer support to education. Chimo engages in collaborative community planning and develops innovative resources to address emerging needs.
Chimo Community Services
120 - 7000 Minoru Boulevard,
Richmond, B.C., Canada V6Y 3Z5
Mon to Fri, 9:00AM to 4:30PM


Crisis Line
8:00AM to Midnight
seven days a week.
Free, confidential,