Seniors Helping Seniors Project


On May 13th, 2020, Federal Seniors Minister Deb Schulte announced a one-time, tax-free top-up payment to help seniors absorb costs related to COVID-19.  All seniors who receive Old Age Security (OAS) in Canada will receive a $300 payment.

Within days, a number of Chimo Community Services’ Board Members and staff received calls about these specific payments.  Many indicated that they did not need the money and they wondered how they could divert their $300 so that it could go directly to another senior in need. 

Chimo has been at the forefront for almost 50 years, serving those in crisis, including vulnerable seniors. In the past few months, calls from seniors in need of help due to COVID-19 related challenges have increased 50%- 71% depending on the program. In response, we at Chimo have created the Seniors Helping Seniors Project, where those wishing to re-assign their $300 to seniors in need can do so through Chimo.

How to Help:

If you are a senior eligible for this $300 OAS top-up from the federal government, ask yourself whether you actually need it.  If the answer is no, please consider redirecting it the Seniors Helping Seniors Project and be assured that if you re-assign it, it WILL go to a senior in need.

To contribute to Seniors Helping Seniors, you can:

  • Send us a cheque, payable to Chimo Community Services.
  • Donate to us online through CanadaHelps. Remember to select "Seniors Helping Seniors" as the fund you wish to donate to.

While most of you will be directly re-assigning the $300 that Ottawa sent you, you are welcome to add more.  Either way, you WILL be making a difference for a senior in need. Thank you again for your generosity and support.

Contact Information:

Please direct all inquiries to our project Board Member, Mr. Geoff Cowman.

Phone: 604-240-8085